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NO to plastic,
NO to supplying,
NO to carrying,
NO to cluttering,

YES to healthy and sustainable purified water!



French'Eaux: Get the purified water you deserve, the EASY way

Caribbean Multihulls & Monohulls is now the official Caribbean dealer for FRENCH'EAUX, water purifying devices.

We have been using French'Eaux water purifying devices with great satisfaction for months. We know you will love them!


The ultimate product for any yacht

  • Ultra-pure water with nanofiltration technology: remove viruses, bacterias, pesticides, endocrine-disrupting compounds, nitrates...
  • Hydrogenerated water with antioxidant properties
  • Remineralized water (with Calcium and Magnesium)
  • Fresh, hot, or room temperature
  • Sparkling and still water
  • Works even on low pressure water mains




DOMEAU Industrie Corporation: Quality & Experience

Why do we trust French'Eaux?

French'Eaux is part of the much larger group DOMEAU, founded back in 1991 and specializing in water purification in the Indian Ocean area. 

Domeau offers solutions for individuals (over 20.000 equipped) and companies including large corporations such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, Accor, Veolia, EDF, etc.



Discover the whole French'Eaux range below and contact us for information.




Ultra-pure water at home every day! Crystal Top provides purified water by Ultrafiltration to 0.02μm.

Drink plain purified water or use it for all any drinks you want to prepare.Crystal Top ensures quality without taste, small or risk of contamination.

Crystal Top is installed your sink with an additional gooseneck.

French Eaux Domose water purigication system


Choose the most efficient water purification system.

Reverse osmosis water is ultra-pure soft water. It removes viruses and bacteria, eliminates unwanted dissolved elements and bad tastes. No more pesticides, nitrates and endocrine disruptors!

The DOMOSE system incorporates a remineralizing cartridge which provides purified water with Calcium and Magnesium.

A booster pump is integrated into the DOMOSE which can therefore operate even with very low water pressures. DOMOSE is a compact and therefore space-saving reverse osmosis unit.


French Eaux Hydron water purification



Choose Hydron water for your health.

Produce hydrogenated water that is highly beneficial to your body. Its antioxidant properties help you fight against cell aging and strengthen your immune system.

Easy to install, Hydron is ideally connected to reverse osmosis water downstream of the Domose system.


French Eaux VOLCANE water purification system



Volcane by French Eaux produces temperate, cold or hot purified water.

Enjoy the pleasure of drinking water with a natural taste and at the temperature that suits you.

To refresh yourself during the day or to prepare your hot drinks, enjoy Volcane's nanofiltration technology.

French Eaux - U1 water purification system



Bar U1 is innovative. With its compact, drop-in undercounter unit and electronic faucet, this set helps enhance any environment.

U1 is perfectly suited to offer a choice of still or sparkling, cold or room temperature water.


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