ELBA 45 & living the Caribbean dream


Drastic changes

This is the story of a couple of English Doctors who have worked hard their whole life. And now is the time to retire.

Here is what they decided to do.


New life - new island - new house...

They have decided to leave England, and fly all the way to Antigua to live the Caribbean dream they have been cherishing for so long. After a very busy life working as Doctors, they are moving into a beautiful villa in Jolly Harbour. 

On July 1st, the couple will be landing in gorgeous Antigua island and taking possession of their new home.


New boat

To make it perfect, not only have they chosen a wonderful house. They picked one with a dock. And that is why the Fountaine Pajot ELBA 45 above is getting ready to take the plunge, under the supervision of a big sister.

Starting her journey from La Rochelle, Port des Minimes (as nearly all Fountaine Pajot catamarans do), she is going to cross the Atlantic with a professional captain and crew on board.

Skin Deep will be waiting for her owners at their villa's dock on July 1st, in Joly Harbour, Antigua.


Fountaine Pajot ELBA 45 catamaran and 3D Tender


The perfect retirement yacht

Skin Deep offers a Maestro layout, that is to say her port hull is entirely dedicated to the owners, with a huge Master cabin and luxurious en-suite bathroom.

A Elba 45 is a perfect choice to sail the Caribbean seas, especially together when their family. Her vast fybridge, as well as many other confortable areas inside and outside the yacht will be perfect to share convivial moments, but also for each guest to enjoy some relaxing time.

This yacht has been beautifully equipped to fit specific Caribbean sailing conditions.


The right tender for the project

We worked with this couple on all the aspects of their nautical projects. That is why we came up with a recommendation of a 3D tender for them, which the owners are very happy with.

This tender will be perfect to enjoy waterskying and to transport the family with maximum safety and comfort.