TANNA 47 #185 - They sold their house to sail the Caribbean

Bart and Cindy, new owners of a Fountaine Pajot TANNA 47 catamaran


Dreaming of sailing and living in the Caribbean

This pair was dreaming about living aboard a catamaran in the Caribbean. And it was not just a silly whim, they actually went for it!

Cindy and Bart researched about catamarans to make up their mind, and the Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47 seemed the right fit for their project.


One big step at a time... 

Last year, they met our team at Paris NAUTIC boat show and ordered their yacht. They were the lucky ones signing for our stock Tanna 47, reducing a lot the waiting before they could get on board (currently 3 years delay).

Not only did Bart and Cindy sign for a fast delivery, meanwhile they literally boarded a roller coaster and sold their house! Definitely decided to sail the caribbean seas.


14 suitcases later... On board Sailing Remission

Can you imagine leaving the mainland to live aboard a catamaran? 

Well as you can guess, preparing the big move has been quite epic. Cindy and Bart had to go through so many belongings and reduce the lot drastically to fit their essentials into no more than 14 suitcases. One cannot but admire their determination.




Greeted with champagne & homemade petit fours by Margot

Instead of taking delivery in the Caribbean, these two wanted to board their yacht Sailing Remission in La Rochelle (France), Fountaine Pajot factory hometown, and cross the Atlantic by themselves to the Caribbean.

Our team in La Rochelle prepared the yacht for the occasion. Our associate Margot did wonders as ever with a thorough cleaning of the yacht.

When Cindy and Bart arrived, they were greeted with a bottle of Champagne and homemade petit fours by Margot. That is the kind of attention we like to offer our buyers, as we understand each yacht purchase has its own story, and taking delivery is a magic moment for them all.

Margot later gave them the yacht cleaning training, which they truly appreciated.

"Margot came by today to do the training. Thank you so much as it was very informative.


We had no idea how to do it properly. Very much appreciated.




A thorough walk-through by Julien, our CTO

Bart has been delighted with taking over the yacht, under the supervision of Julien.

We have been working with Julien for years for yacht deliveries to the Caribbean. We were glad earlier this year to announce that he now is our Chief Technical Officer in La Rochelle. He manages the catamaran handovers and walks new owners through the whole yacht in order for them to feel confortable maintaining them.

Bart quoted the following about the handover:

"We finished up with Julien today. He did say he will always be available to us if we need him. 


He was great. Thank you for setting him up to commission our boat. He was very thorough and has answered all our questions and gave us great information. 


I cannot say enough good things about him.




Ready to sail the oceans

We are very glad to share the story of these new owners, who just went for their dreams. It's been an amazing meeting them, and it will be so exciting to meet them in the Caribbean soon and in future years!