Caribbean Multihulls sponsors Caribbean Multihull Challenge - Third Edition

15 multihull boats are ready to set sail

As many regattas have been cancelled around the world, it is exciting that the Caribbean Multihull Challenge is taking place this weekend Feb. 6th & 7th, 2021! Caribbean Multihulls is proud to support the Sint Maarten Yacht Club that has worked so hard, together with a lot of volunteers, to maintain this third edition of the race.

The Caribbean Multihull Challenge will be the first regatta of the season in the Caribbean. Of course, drastic sanitory measures have been taken in order to offer safe conditions to all crews.

The competition will take place in the superb turquoise waters surrounding the island of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, and should benefit from a steady 20 knot breeze. It will be followed by a prize giving on Sunday at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.


Arawak competing during the CMC 1 - Caribbean Multihull Challenge 2019


Multihull entries to the Third Edition of the Caribbean Multihull Challenge

Registrations to the 2021 Caribbean Multihull Challenge - Third Edition
(cancelles entries: F18 beach cats pulled out because of weather conditions)

Entry Sail Number Yacht Name Owner's Name Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length
1 USA 971 ALADO 18 Olivier Bernaz   Saint Martin F18  
2 USA NA ARAVILLA Dana Clarke   USA Leopard 46
3   ARAWAK François Nel/Rodney Williams   Sint Maarten Custom Joubert/Nivelt 52
4 SXM 117 CVFB William Haes CVFB Grand Case, St Martin F18 18
5 BEL 618 ENOLA Mitch Sylvano Saint Martin St Martin KL28 28
6   GUIMALALOU Jean-Michel Ricour   St Martin    
7 Nil JETWAVE AVALON Andrew Morgan Exmouth Yacht Club Perth, Western Australia Peter Wormwood Ocean 55
8 Fra 0 LE TRI Fabrice Maître YCC Cole Bay, Sint Maarten Trimaran 42
9 Cur 123 NACRA Dirk Luttekes SMYC Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Nacra F18 18
10 USA 6604 NEMO Todd Slyngstad   USA HH66 66
11 SXM 4059 SEADUCTION Petro Jonker SMYC Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Leopard 47 47
12   SPELLBOUND Ian Martin SMYC Cole Bay, Sint Maarten Leopard 45 45
13 1968 TRYST Team Tryst, Stoutenbeek & Banting SMYC Cole Bay, Sint Maarten Dick newick, Trice II 36
14 Fra 971 UNITED SXM Pierre Altier CNFB Sint Maarten F18 18
15   WANNA B Joris Vanden Eynde SMYC Tamarind Hill, Sint Maarten F18 18


Tryst trimaran at Caribbean Multihull Challenge regatta

CSA Multihull Racing division

NEMO HH66 will race against ARAWAK, a 52' custom Joubert Nivelt who won the third place at last year's Multihull 1 Division, and against TRYST trimaran which is a Dick Newick design. NEMO skipper Todd Slyngstad already competed at the 2019 Caribbean Multihull Challenge on board FUJIN, which won the Most Worthy Performance Trophy for its double-figure speed.

Watch out for local trimarans ENOLA and LE TRI, as they could also be competitors in this class.


Cruising catamarans at Caribbean Multihull Regatta

CSA Multihull Cruising

This third edition offers an interesting mix of entries in the Cruising division.

There are three local Leopard catamarans: 47' SEADUCTION and 45' SPELLBOUND both owned by local sailing veterans, and 46' ARAVILLA taking on board several students from the island Kidz at Sea Program.

Australian catamaran JETWAVE AVALON spent lockdown in the Caribbean and is excited to sail this regatta. GUIMALALOU is also back after participating to the first and second editions of the Caribbean Multihull Challenge.

Enola at the Caribbean Multihull Challenge


Spectacular One Design division

Circumstances reduced the number of boats able to join this regatta. However we are thrilled that this edition is the occasion for the F18s - known in the Caribbean as Beach Cats - to compete. The 5 entries have their own division and will sail up and down Simpson Bay.