Privilege Marine 615

Privilege Marine - 615 Catamaran

Since 1985, PRIVILEGE cruising catamarans have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for their high-end position in the multihull market.

The very first Privilege Marine catamaran was conceived and designed by the double world champion solo racer and founder of the Vendée Globe, Philippe Jeantot.

He has placed his entire experience in sailing around the world at the service of PRIVILEGE yachts, by defining a list of specifications of which the fundamental criteria of navigation are safety, comfort, reliability and navigating pleasure.

Since then, no fewer than 600 PRIVILEGE yachts, of lengths ranging from 12 to 23 m, including 80 units over 17 meters’ length, have sailed all over the world.

The 615 Combines Knowledge and Experience for Sailing Comfort


The hull, the nacelle, and the deck of the Privilege 615 are made with infusion of a glass / vinylester sandwich configuration.

The Privilege 615 internal structure is made up entirely of transverse and longitudinal vacuum sandwich bulkheads, directly stratified to the hull and the deck.

Strength and lightness are ensured, whilst allowing some flexibility, which is needed by the forces applied during offshore navigation.

The necessary monolithic areas and the various reinforcements are also made by infusion. A vinylester anti-osmosis barrier is applied to the whole structure of the Privilege 615 catamaran.

In addition to standard EC certification, BUREAU VERITAS is engaged on a yearly basis by the shipyard to check and certify each unit built on the basis of very strict criteria.


For about twenty five years, Marc Lombard has signed off all the hulls of the Privilege catamaran range.

He exploits the best research techniques taken from competition:

  • hydrodynamic analyses using digital simulation,
  • structural calculations on composite materials,
  • analysis of load distribution,
  • hull design to limit parasitic drag from waves between the two hulls, etc.

In short, an acknowledged expert in optimising reliability and performance.

The choice of large hulls with a large ratio of volume above the waterline to volume below the waterline guarantees comfort and safety in all sea and loading conditions that a cruising catamaran must face.

The combination of high-end manufacturing techniques and lightness of structure offers the best compromise between volume, displacement, and performance in the Privilege 615.

“We chose keels that have shown themselves to be almost as high-performance as daggerboards, but without any of the multiple shortcomings. Sailing upwind in a catamaran is much more linked to the average effectiveness of how the boat is sailed, than to the hydrodynamic finesse of accessories.”


It is a central accessory of the Privilege 615 catamaran that is set ahead of the mast, offering a significant living space and several advantages:

  • Better mechanical resistance, for the nacelle stiffens the entire longitudinal structure of the catamaran and diffuses the stresses of forestay compression on the nacelle,
  • Optimised comfort by enabling movement on a stable surface in complete safety, and – in high seas – by limiting the passage of sea spray through the forward netting,
  • “Truly adapted” area to house the anchor locker and the windlass support.

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General characteristics:

  • Length overall: 18.50 m
  • Length waterline: 17.35 m
  • Beam: 9.25 m
  • Draft: 1.78 m
  • Displacement ready for sail: 26.50 T
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 750 L
  • Fresh water capacity: 2 x 650 L
  • Black water capacity: 2 x 150 L
  • Double cabins: 4
  • Private heads: 4
  • Crew quarter: 1 for 2 pers.
  • Sailing category: EC Category : A
  • Diesel inboard engines: 2 x 110 HP
  • Naval architect: Cabinet Marc LOMBARD
  • Main sail: 124 m2
  • Genoa on furler: 90 m
  • Staysail (option): 33 m2
  • Asymetric spinnaker (option): 300 m2
  • Gennaker (option): 150 m2
  • Code 0 (option): 125 m2
  • Mast length: 26 m


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